What is SEO Audit Checklist 2013? How to Perform an SEO Audit?

Match Your website checklist with Audit Checklist and make it more Optimized in less than 20 minutes. Try this Cool Info-graphic on Search Engine Optimization. Get High rank and huge traffic to your website and blogs. Check all the criteria of your website and implement all the changes required to get your website rank higher. Off-page SEO is very Important for any website to rank high. How to create Back-links for any Website or Blog?

SEO Audit Checklist 2013 for Websites & Blogs

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How to perform SEO Audit for your website?

A website can be a powerful marketing tool for your business, And there are lot of factors that are taken into consideration. In order to get ranked in search engines for the terms that mean best to you and your business, it is vital you take the necessary steps to put your website at the best possible position to rank well in search results and to be found by your potential readers as well as customers.

Are you delivering Quality Content

Content Marketing is one of the best ways to promote your website. Do you have the right and Quality content that can be found in search engines and drive traffic to your website? Content is one of the important factor behind any website ranking in search engine. Discover the most relevant phrases that can drive potential traffic to your website and then include those phrases in your content.
Tips: Always use unique and quality content, because Google still considers content as the King. Important articles Related to Content Marketing:

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Use Optimized Title Tags:

Title tags continue to be an important factor for ranking. This can be changed through the web page code, they are part of meta tags and it appears at the top of your HTML inside the <head> area. Title tag tell search engines what your page is about and it should contain the important keywords you are targeting. Some things to keep in mind are:
Length: They should be a maximum of 67 characters long, Including spaces.
keyword Placement in content: Place your most important keywords in front and starting of content.
Unique Title: Create unique title tags for every page on your website and it should be specific to that page.

Meta Descriptions:

Meta descriptions have little to no value as a ranking factor, But when it comes to click-through rate, It plays a really very important role in driving traffic to your website through natural search results. Meta descriptions is the brief description that displays with your search result and a good meta description can prompt users to click on your website search result.

Alt tags and Image file names:

Give a name to your images because search engines can’t predict what an image is unless you tell it what it is. use optimize names for your images and include target keywords in your image names.


The URL structure is also one of the important ranking factor. Use folder structure in URLs and use proper folder names and include keywords according to subject matter.

Submit your website to Google webmaster and Bing webmaster:

Submitting your website to webmaster tools is also one of the very good option to keep an eye on various issues happening with your website. It’ll give you information about the search queries, top pages ranked, impressions, clicks etc. It keeps track of all the links coming to your websites from different pages.

Repair Broken Links:

Check if there is any broken link present, and repair it. There are many tools available on internet to determine the broken links.

Create XML and HTML sitemaps:

Create XML sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster and Bing webmaster. Provide HTML Sitemap for users visiting your website.

Create a Robots.txt file:

A robots.txt file restricts access to your site by search engine robots that crawl the web. You can block particular URLs to get crawled by crawler by blocking those URLs.

Create Proper Social Media Strategy:

Every Business is incomplete without Social Media. Create Social media profiles for your business & website and keep sharing updates to your followers. Recommended Articles on Social Media optimization:

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Create an Off page strategy and Implement it properly:

Off page SEO Contributes almost 60% of overall SEO procedure. Getting high-quality reputable websites to link back to the content on your site builds the overall authority if your website and that specific page of content, Giving it a far better chance of ranking well. Its an On-going procedure of seeking content and linking opportunities, Social media, Relationship building and online networking. Share you content on Google+ and get Do-follow Links from Google+.

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