SEO Trends and Techniques to Follow in 2014

According to many webmaster SEO is dead, Do you also think like that? SEO has been a main approach for webmasters and site owners to improve their site’s search rankings as well as their business growth. 

From last few months, Google is continuously releasing updates to make search engine user friendly rather than website friendly. Recent updates made by Google  are :

Panda update – to prefer quality content to come in top search results rather than other low quality content.

Penguin update – to punish sites building spam links.

Hummingbird search algorithm – Introduced conversational search, shifted more focus on user convenience.

Page Rank toolbar – update in December.

Guest Posting – a big NO to this by Matt Cutts from Google.

# SEO trends 2011 Vs 2014


SEO is continuously changing, The old techniques like link building, On-page optimization having huge contribution in SEO are not so popular and helpful these days. Understanding the new trends of SEO is getting really difficult for newbies specially. So here we are discussing the new trends of SEO and how’s it going to be in 2014 :

# Content Marketing is the Key for the Future

We all know that quality always matters and if you are writing high quality content than you are making it easier for users to come and get engaged with you and your brand. 

So writing high quality content and market it among the users is going to be the next big technique in SEO. Always write what user needs and what they like to read. Prepare a proper content marketing strategy with market analysis and market your content using social media marketing

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The main thing behind all this is the great content. Writing high quality content helps you in engaging more and more readers which results in more brand engagement, more links, more leads & more ROI.

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Here this snippet from Google trends for last two years, showing that people are heading towards content marketing and it was more searched in 2013 all around the world. People are searching for content marketing related terms more than link building.

# Implement Google Authorship for Branding

Do you own any website? Are you writing content over internet? Yes, than prove your authorship and tell Google that you are the proud owner or publisher of that content. Google authorship is going to be the next attractive thing in Google search results. 

Implement Authorship using rel=author and rel=publisher tags to create brand name for your authors as well as your brand. It helps users to understand your brand when it appears in search results. It also helps in improve rankings and CTR.

Authorship tags only appear if someone has verified their account, which only 12% of the top tech blogs did. So there is an opportunity, if you have verified and implemented authorship on your website, your posts would really stand out, seen more trustworthy and ultimately get clicked on more often as compared to others.

This is how Implemented Authorship Looks Like

How Authorship Looks like in Search Results
How Authorship Looks Like with Author Name, their Image and info if you have visited that webpage before

Benefits of Google Authorship Implementation

  • Ownership of your Content Images, identity and mainly your website
  • Google displays your Content and Google+ images in Rich Snippets in Google Search Results
  • Authorship increases Visibility of your results in SEPR’s
  • Authorship increases Click-through rates by showing Rich Snippets in SERP’s
  • It Builds Authority, and helps users to recognize your content 
  • It helps in Quick Indexing of your Content

# Mobile Optimized Version of your website

Smartphone users are one of the fast growing segment on internet these days  and Google want them to use the full richness when they visit any website with their mobile device. Avoiding mistakes and optimize websites helps your users to find your website easily and helps in good user experience.

As Google has mentioned earlier in their blog about the change

To improve the search experience for smartphone users and address their pain points, we plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users.

Faulty Redirects 

Many websites have their pages listed in search results, but when a user click on any page of their website with their smartphone, It redirects them to a single mobile page, rather than to a mobile optimized version of a page. 

mobile redirection for users - faulty redirections
As you can see user clicking on any page of the website in search results, is redirected to a single mobile optimized page of a website.

This kind of activity affect user experience, which results in user leave the website or stop coming to the website. 

Mobile optimized versions site breakdown for fortune 100 companies

Smartphone only error

When user click on any page in search result using smartphone, it gives nothing or an error occured.

There are three solutions for this problem

Use Responsive design for your website :- this is the method recommended by Google. In this configuration, site have same pages and same urls for mobile as well as desktop devices, but CSS is used, to make website pages responsive according to the device used.

Sites that dynamically serve all devices on the same set of URLs.

Have a separate mobile and desktop websites.

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# Social Media is on Boom

Google is relying more on social signals rather human. Any content with more likes, +1’s, shares have higher rankings as compared to the one with low social signals. Specially Google+ is doing well from the SEO point of view. 

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Focus on Google+

Imagesource : Moz

Google+ gives do-follow back links as well as it’s +1’s and  re-shares are also considered as ranking factors. Try to build a good network on Google+ as it provides good traffic, links as well as SEO value, Google+ posts are also shown up in search results. 

If you have a good social network than it’s fine other wise start creating social network with target audience in it. Create a content strategy for your social profiles and keep sharing content on social media regularly for users to like and re-share. 

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# Having a Blog of Your Brand

Brands having a blog have more traffic and leads. Create blog if your brand don’t have any and start writing high quality content about your product & services. 

Tell users about your brand. It helps in increasing traffic, Improves author rank with content marketing as well as in brand value creation. Link your blog to your website to pass page rank.

# Don’t Forget Link Building

Link Building was one of the traditional approach for SEO, but things have changed now. Google is penalizing websites building unnatural links so prepare quality links. 

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Avoid guest posting as Google consider it as a spam. If you are writing something high quality, unique concept and want people out there to know about it then you can write guest posts. 

Build links with relevant sites, Avoid using exact match anchor text for external links and various forms of anchor texts for link building. 

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Here is an infographic about SEO factors and techniques in 2014 and their weightage

So if you have Started implement following techniques for your website SEO than its good, other wise it’s time for you to start creating a strategy according to the SEO factors for 2014. Create a plan for your website and include all the activities and follow all the activities with regularity and balance. Google is trying to make search engine more and more user friendly so try to think from Google’s point of view and make your website and content good for user. The more you think about users, higher the rankings for your website in search engine.

Comment below for any suggestion or queries.

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