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42 Link Building Techniques to Build High Quality Backlinks

External links for a website are always counted as votes by search engines. The search engine uses them as an additional value adding factor and adds their value in overall website ranking score.

Links are not everything in SEO, but if a proper link building strategy is followed for link building then it can add a lot more value than expected.

Google is continuously updating their algorithm and it has affected the link building strategies of brands. Many old link building methods are of no use today and there is only one question in every webmaster’s mind – how to build high-quality backlinks?

Now, before starting any link building campaign, it is very important to set an overall link building strategy to be followed for the success of the campaign.

How to Create Backlinks?

The quality of links is very important than quantity, so here we are discussing XX effective link build techniques and how they can be used for building high-quality backlinks while keeping the unnatural ways aside.

Content-Based Link Building Techniques

Content-based link building techniques are based on building links within the content or using the content.

1. Write High-Quality In-Depth Articles

As Google says, Content is the King and building links from the content is one of the very popular link building strategies. The importance of content in SEO cannot be denied. Create high quality, engaging content always attracts readers as well as quality backlinks for your website.

Google also declared that In-depth articles will now be ranked higher in search results. A study by MOZ has proved that content rich articles with higher word count and quality content rank higher as compared to the articles with low word count.

Impact of Word Count on Search Rankings

Here Moz analyzed their 500 posts in the order of word count. When total links these posts got were analyzed, results were pretty good.

Relation in Word Count & LInks

The study simply proves that high-quality in-depth articles get more links as compared to short ones.

2. Give testimonials for the Products & Services you Use

Companies providing products & services just love to show off their user’s experience about their products & services. It helps them to get more conversions and ROI.

If you are using any of the services or product of any company then don’t forget to write a testimonial about them. Ask them to put that testimonial on their homepage or their testimonial page.

Usually, when any website shows your testimonials, they will provide a back link to your website to make the testimonial look genuine.

Link Building with Testimonials

Where should you write testimonials –

You can buy a cheap product from a site with good PR and testimonials section and offer them a testimonial for their product.

Offer your contractors, freelancers, consultants & customers a testimonial saying that you would love if they show this testimonial on their website. This is a very simple process as it is going to help them in increasing their conversion.

3. Share your Audio/Podcasts on Audio Sharing Sites

Audio sharing sites are one of the untapped sources of building high-quality backlinks. You can submit audio recordings, podcasts or audio lessons on these websites and get links to the relevant website pages.

All you need to do is create a profile, complete all the sections of your profile and add links in the website and description section. Add your audio clip with a title, description, audio transcript and link (if possible).

Check how I built a link pointing to the homepage of my website.

Link Building from Audio Sharing Website

If you do not have any audio then record a self-introduction audio clip from Vocaroo

Other High PR audio sharing sites-

4. Join a Popular Niche Blog as a Columnist

Niche blogs are always good resources of knowledge. Search for the opportunities to become a regular columnist with a popular niche blog.

This can help you in publicity of you and your website. You can build high-quality backlinks and generate relevant traffic. It can also help you in increasing your social followers and establish yourself as an industry expert.

Check this author Pratik Dholakiya, a regular columnist at search engine journal and how his profile looks at SEJ.

Pratik Dholakiya - Search Engine Journal

5. Guest Posting is not Completely Dead

Guest blogging has been one of the popular link building strategies for building high-quality backlinks. In a post on his blog, Matt Cutts says that guest posting is dead, but it is not completely true. If you are writing genuine & high-quality content then guest blogging is the next thing for you to do.

Write high-quality content with proper author bio for your article. Make sure the links in the article are relevant and not look like fake ones.

Check this guest blogging guide by brian dean from Backlinko.

6. Promote Content within Communities

There are many high authority content communities present on the internet providing referral traffic and links to the shared URLs.

Share your content in these content communities to attract visitors and links from various high-quality content-rich websites.

Fill your profile completely during registration and include homepage URL in the profile. Some of the websites are –


7. Use Rel=Canonical Content Marketing Technique for your Content Promotion

Is it possible to publish the same article on multiple sites without any content duplication issue? Yes, with rel=canonical tag, it is possible.

Connect with webmasters of high authority websites and submit your articles on those websites with a rel=canonical link.

This technique is widely used by many popular bloggers such as Neil Patel. Neil is publishing Quicksprout’s articles on various other websites such as Forbes, Search Engine Journal etc. without creating any content duplication and building hundreds of links for Quicksprout.

Know more about how cross domain rel canonical linking can get you 100+ backlinks and 1000+ reshares for your content.

Submission Based Link Building Techniques

Submission-based link building techniques are mainly related to submitting your website URL to different directories and building high-quality backlinks. So keep the following techniques in mind while creating link building strategies for your website.

8. Authority Web Directory Submissions

This is a very old, common and effective link building strategy. Search and create a list of High PR free web directories from your niche. Submit your website to those directories with proper title, description, and keywords.

Always build links with high-quality free directories from your niche otherwise Google may consider your links as paid links and you may get penalized.

Don’t give reciprocal links to web directories for the link, It is not a recommended method of building links.

Example – DMOZ

9. Use Website Logo, Images for Link Building

Images and logos are an untapped source of building high-quality backlinks. Google image search is very popular these days as users are searching for images and redirecting to the source website.

Submit website logos and images to various image directory sites and build backlinks for the respective relevant pages.

Check this list of popular image submission sites.

10. Video Directories

If you have video content then make a full use of it. Videos are the new form of content very popular among users and you can build high-quality backlinks with your videos.

Submit your videos to video submission sites, write an optimized keyword rich title, description and include the website link in the description.

Allow video embed option for your videos and insert the relevant link in the embed code. Whenever the video is uploaded through embed code, you will get a backlink.

11. Niche Specific Business Listing Directories

List your business in the various niche-specific business listing directories. Business listing sites are a very good place to look for businesses from different niche.

Listing your business will get you valuable backlinks and quality referral traffic.

12. Submit your Business to Local Directories

Local directories are very helpful for searching local businesses online. It also helps in improving local SEO for your website. List your business in local directories and improve your visibility in local search results.

Some popular local directories are –


Check this article by hub post about 50 popular local business directories.

13. Use your PDF Documents for Link Building

There are so many opportunities available for building links with PDFs. Create PDFs for your long In-depth topic centered articles or guides and attach those files to your website for your users to download.

There are some SEO tips to keep in mind while creating PDF’s

1. Use your target keywords in your file name

2. Just like when you write any optimized title or URL and use hyphens (-) between keywords in the file name. Example if you are writing a keyword research guide then you should name this file as “Comprehensive-keyword-research-guide-for-seo-in-2014”.

3. Optimize your document’s metadata

Just like any other webpage, pdf also has metadata describing pdf to search engines. Use your keywords in your pdf’s metadata like you use in your webpage meta description.

4. Provide author name of your pdf document

5. Meta keywords for PDF document

The description is taken from the top lines from the document content, Provide some keywords defining your pdf, for example, give some 5-8 keywords for your pdf document.

6. Internal Linking

Internal linking is very important whether it is a webpage or a pdf document. Link pages internally in the pdf document, it helps users and search engine to crawl your pdf well.

7. Optimize file size

Optimize your file size for better search result rankings, If you are using Adobe reader than optimizing your pdf document to the right size in pdf optimizer’s advance options.

8. Don’t use the latest version to create the document because there are users who don’t have updated version on their systems, So they’ll not be able to open it. It is recommended to use version 1.5 or lower.

9. Upload pdf to your website near to root directory, It will pass more link value.

Submit your pdf document to pdf directories

Just like web directory or image directory there are many pdf directories available over the internet. Submit your pdf document to directories and get high-quality backlinks pointing back to your website.

Popular pdf submission sites are –

Build Relationships for Link Building

Just like relationships are healthy for a good life, business relations are good to make your business popular. Make good relationships with industry experts and it will get you high-quality backlinks. Keep the following link building strategies in mind when you think about building business relationships with the industry experts.

14. Organize Webinars and Invite Experts

Webinars are very popular these days for group discussions and debate. It can help you in your website SEO by building high-quality backlinks links for your website.

Choose any trending topic and get in touch with industry experts to come up on a webinar for discussion. Record this webinar and publish it on your website with the transcript.

Request the people who participated in the webinar to share the link on their social channels and publish this webinar video on their website using your video embed code.

This will attract links from the websites of all the people who participated in the webinar and published your webinar video on their website.

See how Hubspot has created a library of webinars.

15. Host a Conference or an Industry Event

Arrange an industry conference or event and invite all the experts and representatives from reputed companies. Have an agenda of the conference and request all the participants to share their views on it.

Create articles on those opinions shared by the experts and ask the participants to share it and link it from their website.

Give them a certificate of participation and request them to publish that certificate on their website with a reference link.

Tweet live from the event with a relevant hashtag and ask the participants to tweet about it on their social profile with the hashtag.

All the above methods can help your website in getting high-quality backlinks and increasing the social followers.

16. Ask your Employees for a Link

This is a digital world and most of the people in Digital domain have their own website/blogs or they are using any content publishing platform to publish their content.

Reach out to your employees/friends and ask them to include you website link in their profile bio, about section of their website and on their social media channels.

This way you can generate natural links from multiple referring domains and IP’s.

17. Help Webmasters Online

Helping webmasters and adding value to their website is a very good way to build links and connections. If you do something valuable for any webmaster, they are more likely to give you credit for that in the form of a link, social mention etc.

1. Contact webmasters and do something free like an SEO audit or resolve any other important issue on their website.

2. Find any hacked website and contact website admin to offer help in resolving the issue.

3. Update website content, help in translating & transcribing content, help in logo or website design, fixing malware etc.

Once it is done, request them to give you credits by writing an article or a social media post mentioning your website and the help you did to resolve their issue.

It can get you a link or a social media mention which can attract visitors or potential customers for your website.

18. Work with Industry Experts to Build Something Valuable

This is a unique link building strategy. Engage with the experts in your industry and work with them to build something valuable for users. Publish this content on your website and ask your partner to mention and share this across all their channels.

Get feedback from the industry experts and ask them to share this on their social media channel to make it popular. Once it becomes popular, visitors will flow to your website and start linking to your content.

See how Neil Patel and Brian dean worked on this Link Building Guide.

Link Building Guide written by Neil Patel & Brian Dean

19. Share Your Opinion with Other Industry Experts

Connect with people publishing the opinions of experts about any topic on their website. Share valuable information with them and ask them to include your advice in their articles.

Do various experiments and write about it. Share insights with webmasters and ask them to publish it and link back to your article.

Check this article on Wordtracker where Laz James has shared opinions of 33 experts. A link is provided to each of expert’s website.

Wordtrack sharing opinion of 33 SEO Experts about Link Building Strategies

Link Building through Blogger Outreach

This link building technique is very popular these days. The best part about building links through blogger outreach is that the links built through this technique look natural. So keep the following link building strategies in mind when you reach out to bloggers for links.

20. Create Infographics based on Insights and Data Values

Infographics are really good way to spread information through content rich images. It helps in engaging users and let them share your Infographics.

Create high-quality infographics with valid data sources and embed your website link in infographic embed source code so that whenever someone else use that embed code on their website it’ll give you a backlink.

See Neil Patel’s thoughts on infographics.

Neil Patel's thoughts on Infographics

Few points to remember-

Choosing the right topic is really very important for any infographic to make interesting and viral. An attractive design is not as important as the topic of info-graphic.

Sharing it on social media website, writing article etc. is not enough, you need to promote it properly to get many backlinks.

Find your target audience or people who would be interested in your infographic.

For example – There is an infographic on link building Do’s and Don’ts

Search on Google and find out articles resources on link building do’s and don’ts. Write an outreach mail to all those authors and tell them about your amazing infographic and how it is useful for their article and their users.

Ask them to include your infographic in their article and give you an introduction link and share it on their social profiles as well.

Create infographics and submit them to infographic sharing websites to make them popular and visible to a large number of target audience.

Some popular infographic submission sites are –

21. Ask People to Give Credits for Using your Resources

There are many webmasters out there using your website resources on their website. For ex- some people might be using your images, infographics, videos, content etc.

Use reverse image search tool to find out which websites are using your images, infographics etc. Get in touch with them and ask for a credit link.

Remind them about the image copyright infringement if they refuse to give you the credit link.

There are many tools such as TinEye, ImageRaider or Google Image search tool available to help you.

22. Convert Your Brand Mentions into Links

Are you aware of mentions of your brand around the internet which are not linked to your website? Many times people use the name of your the brand or products in their blog articles or website without linking that brand name to your website URL.

Use various online tools such as Moz Fresh Web Explorer, Talkwalker, or many other online tools available to give an alert whenever the given query is mentioned on the internet.

Reach out the webmasters who have mentioned your brand/product name on their website/articles and ask them to include a link to your website with the brand/product name as an anchor text.

23. Help Webmasters in Repairing Broken Links on their Website

Link building through broken links refers to the process of obtaining a link to your site by identifying and notifying the webmaster of the target website about the broken link on their website.

The overall process includes 4 steps

  1. Find a site relevant to your niche with a link to a 404 page
  2. Check the total number of external backlinks to that page
  3. Notify the webmaster about the broken link on their website
  4. Suggest the URL of your article and explain how linking to this URL is going to help their users

Check this amazing article by Kristi Hines on Search engine journal about link building strategy using broken links.

24. Get in Touch with the Local News Website

This link building strategy has a lot of scopes but people are not aware of this. Contact local news websites and ask them to cover your activities and initiatives. Tell them about your initiatives and work done and request them to publish an article about your work.

If you are participating in any social cause or campaign then inform them in advance to cover your initiative.

Participate in Activities and Social Causes

Do you participate in various social activities and causes? Why not your participation in various activities should benefit your website. Check the following link building strategies on how to get backlinks by participating in activities and social causes.

25. Sponsor and Support Various Events

There are many kinds of events occur in real life or over the internet. Participate in such events and contribute something to them.

Interact with other participants and share your thoughts, discuss various topics and ask them to write discussions on their blogs and give you and introduction links.

Sponsor online events or support them and get a link from the sponsor column from the event website. There are many conference website tagging all the events happening around the world, Submit your events there and you might get a link back from them.

Donate funds to websites as a sponsor, Join websites and take memberships. Find out your niche website and join their sponsorship program or membership program.

For example – check the below website snapshot where the event website is giving links back to the sponsor website.

Sponsor Events and get High-quality Backlinks

26. Give and Take Interviews

This link building technique works very well and chances of success in this technique are also very high.

There are many high authority interview website and blogs publishing interviews of industry experts. Their motive is to share the experience & tips directly from the experts to their audience.

If you are a popular and high authority author in your niche than it is quite obvious that many blog editors ask you for your interview, But if you are not a very popular author in your niche than it is a bit difficult to get your interview publish on high authority sites.

Some things to remember in this case –

1. Start publishing interviews of authors from your niche and share it on your social network, ask the interviewers to share it on their social network as well.

2. Ask those authors to mention this interview link on their website pointing back to your website.

3. It will increase your popularity of you and your blog in yours as well as in their social circle. Once you become popular then ask your niche bloggers to have your interview.

Benefits you get –

  • Increase your and your blog’s popularity on social media with a link to your website
  • Allows other authors and audiences to know you well.

See how Neil Patel is building links for his website by giving Interviews.

Link Building with Giving Interviews

27. Offer Free Products/Services as a Giveaway

Do you have your own products? Are you selling your own products in the market? Yes, then there are good possibilities of getting natural high-quality backlinks from authority sites.

Give your product takes away free to your niche high-quality authors and ask them to give a review about their experience of using your product on their blog for their audience. It will include links to your website as well as the product.

For example, here Harsh Agarwal from ShoutMeLoud is sharing his experience about MyThemeShop theme with his blog audience.

Link Building Through Product reviews

Approach your target audience through social media or other online channels and offer them a free trial of your products/services and ask them to share their experience of using your product/service.

The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to anybody for links and these links are completely natural. The content and the link is only about you so it’ll provide a high value to your website and will help in increasing your website and product popularity & conversions among other blog’s audience.

28. Make Donations

This is a really good way to build high-quality backlinks without content. Just look for charity organizations in your niche who accept donations and give a link back to the donor’s website. Make a donation and provide your website link in details to get a link back from their donor list page.

Aside from charity websites, you can also look for art websites, theaters, galleries etc. looking for donations and have high domain authority.

Look for school, college and university websites asking for the contribution to support the education of their students. They tend to have a .edu website with high domain authority.

Make sure you are not explicitly asking for links only otherwise it will be considered as buying links. Just make a donation to only those websites that already have a donor list section where they are giving links to other donors.

This is a quick and easy link building technique to get some high authority links in a moderate budget.

29. Initiate or Participate in a Social Cause

There are so many social issues and problems around you in your city where you live. Taking an initiative or volunteering in such social causes can get many benefits for your website.

Share pictures and information about your participation with a proper hashtag. Ask your friends and followers to re-share and help in making it viral. Once it becomes popular, it will attract so many links and visitors.

Reach out to various magazines or online publications and tell them about your initiative and efforts. Ask them to mention your participation in their newsletter or blog.

Small news website and local news blog might write a small blog post about your initiative and you will get link and mention in local newspapers covering the social cause. These news website links are high-quality backlinks and will increase your popularity locally.

Check how Elite Strategies’s Patrick Coombe and his team participated in a social cause and covered by Media.

30. Become a Wikipedia Contributor

We all know about Wikipedia. One of the top authority website on the internet. Do you know that you can get backlinks from Wikipedia by becoming a contributor?

Register at Wikipedia and suggest edits, write content, update content and dead links etc. Search for dead links on Wikipedia relevant to your website and suggest edits for the dead links.

Wikipedia gives no-follow backlink but it gives you good exposure.  Once you get links from Wikipedia, you can get a huge number of referral visitors and might get links from various websites.

There are few things which you need to remember while contributing to Wikipedia.

Build High Authority .edu & .gov Backlinks

Do you know about the authority of .gov & .edu websites? Most of the .edu & .gov websites are very old and belong to big authority organizations and Getting links from them is really a big deal. So if you want to build links with .edu & .gov websites, go with the following link building strategies.

31. Update Niche Resource Pages

Resource pages or directory are always for providing information resources to users. Find out resource pages from your niche and contact the moderator of the page or directory and ask them to add your resource.

Use these queries to find out resources “keyword”+ inurl:resources “keyword” + inurl:links

Here use your desired keyword on the place of “keyword”.

Things to remember while searching for resource pages:

Focus on relevance above everything. Do not aim only for big websites, but focus on all types of relevant sites.

Website relevancy is a very important factor. Focusing on more relevant opportunities will increase the chances of webmasters saying Yes.

Collect webmaster details and mail them about the issue on their website. Give them the reference of your article and request them to update your link on the resource page. Resource websites are old and have high authority value, so getting links back from them is considered as high-quality backlinks.

32. Post Job Openings/Hire Interns

If you have any job opportunities then getting high-quality links is easy for you. There are so many popular job portals available on the internet.

Create a categorized excel of all the job openings you have and post on job portals. Sign up with job portals of various universities and post intern job opportunities with a link to your website.

33. Comment on .edu & .gov Blogs

Commenting on .edu & .gov blogs is a really good way to build high-quality backlinks. .edu & .gov domains are always high authority top level domains and there is a belief that links from these domains have very high value because of their age, trust and domain authority.

But getting comment links from .edu & .gov sites is not as simple as .com because here numbers of blogs are less and finding an appropriate blog from your niche to comment and getting your comment approved is not so simple.

So here we are sharing some tips about how to find .edu & .gov blogs from your niche and build links by commenting.

Find .edu & .gov websites with your niche topics by using

Enter you desired keyword and select domain category from the find section and click on search.

Link building with Drop my link

It’ll give you search results from .edu websites with SEO niche topics. Now if you have SEOquake installed then it’s good otherwise go to and install it. It will give you all the information about a particular domain and webpage.


Create a list of blogs and start commenting. Add a value-adding comment or query and don’t use spam anchor text for commenting otherwise your comment will not be approved.

Follow What Experts Recommend

Experts opinion always matters that’s why they are experts and people follow them. If you follow what experts are saying then you are on the right path and it will be helpful for you to build something like they have built. Checkout the following link building strategies recommended by industry experts.

34. Use Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Link Building Technique

Brian dean from Backlinko has developed a very good technique of building high-quality backlinks naturally.

If you want people to link back to your content then you have to bring something better than already available over the internet.

There are a lot of articles which are ranking in top search results, getting hundreds of links from other sources, but they are not the best ones and better versions of those articles can be created.

For example –

When you search for “keyword research tools to use” in Google, It’ll give you results which may not satisfy your needs.

Skyscraper technique of Link Building by Brian DeanTake a look at what these competitors have included in their articles and what they have missed.

Interact your niche influencers on social media, ask you queries, know their opinion, what they think about which tools one should use for keyword research.

Include all high authority authors’ advice and opinions into your consideration and write content according to that.

So just jump in there and add more valuable and insightful stuff in more explanatory and good way and create a better article explaining the best tools for keyword research available.

Prepare an outreach mail and send it to all high authority authors from your niche, introduce them with your newly published article on “keyword research tools to use”.

Ask them to share this content over the internet and use it as a reference if possible. Check Brian’s article on his blog about Skyscraper technique of link building.

35. Use Brian Dean’s Sloppy Link Building Technique

Search in Google and pick resources from 3+ search results pages explaining keyword research tools. These pages are basically old pages and haven’t been updated since years.

For example, when you search in Google “best keyword research tools to use” it’ll give you following resources.

Web pages appearing on 3+ pages in search results are very old pages-

Find out a number of external links to all these resources and pick the one with a good number of referring domains. Here we have selected social media today’s article with 67 referring domains using majestic tool.

Sloppy link building technique by Brian Dean

Download the list of all the referring domains and write an outreach e-mail to their authors and tell them about your newly written article with all the updated facts and valuable insights and how it’ll be helpful for them and their audience.

Check backlinks in

Example – Email Outreach

Hi “name”,

I was searching some content over the internet and found your article. You have given a link to an article Keyword research tool from Social media today ( “Social media today article URL” ) with “anchor text” from “your website URL”.

Recently we have come out with a very interesting article on keyword research tools ( “your new article URL’ ). Check this out and i would be happy if you link to this article and share this on your social media profiles because it’ll help your readers to find a better source of information.


Bhavuk Khandelwal

The success rate of this process depends on your content quality and incredibility. Let say you mail 100 authors and out of those if even 8-10 authors give you links and share your article over social media profiles then this is something really cool for you from the back links and traffic point of view.

For more Email outreach samples check out this

Start & Participate in Discussions

Do you think you have good knowledge about SEO and you have few things to tell people about how they should do it. Writing only blog posts about your thoughts is not the only way to tell people about your ideas. Go out and start or participate in discussions. Keep the following link building strategies in mind if you think about participating in discussions.

36. Participate in Forums & Discussion Boards

Forums are one of the very good ways to meet and discuss niche issues and topics with the experts. If you want to solve problems and add value to the users, participate in discussion boards & forums.

Forum posting can also build quality links for your website, but it has to be done in a right way.

Complete your profile in the forum and add a link to your website in the signature. Do not use exact match anchor text. Use various versions of your brand name, website URL etc. as anchor text and try different signature on different websites.

37. Start a Discussion Forum on your Own Website

Discussion forums are one of the best ways to connect with people in your niche. Ask questions to the experts and give answers to the queries asked by other people. It helps in building relationships with the experts.

You can start a forum on a subdomain or in a subfolder of your website and attract visitors to participate in the discussions.

38. Leave a Comment on Other Niche Blogs

When you leave a valuable comment on any blog article, It creates a good image of yours in author’s mind. This is how relationships are build and thoughts are exchanged.

leave genuine comments with your blog URL, ask questions, give answers in comments and appreciate the work done by the experts.

It builds links for your website and also builds relationships and brand image in front of other industry experts.

Follow the Conventional Link Building Strategies

Following the conventional link building techniques is not bad and can be a good start for the beginners.

39. Submit your Website to Blog Aggregators

Blog aggregators are different than web directories. They organize the best and the popular content from the web in place and categorize it.

The best advantage of blog aggregators over web directories is that they use your blog’s RSS feed to pull content on a regular interval of time and link back to each and every post of your website.

Some blog aggregator sites to submit your blog

40. Dig out Competitors Link Profile

Why your competitors are ranking on top positions? What different have they done from you?

Go and check their link profile, use Majestic ( to download the competitor link data. Check the relevant websites which are linking to competitor website and could be an opportunity for you.

Check the local top competitors’ link profile and figure out the local listing sites and directories which could be useful for you. Check the strategy and different types of links built by competitors for the same types of pages you’re struggling with.

Create Profile Links

When you signup to become a member of a website, you can create a link to your website by entering your website URL in the profile section. Not all the sites will give you profile links.

You can create a profile on niche forums, discussion boards etc. Look for the relevant websites in your niche. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

Link Your Content Internally

One of the biggest advantages of internal linking is that you can do it the way you want. Choose page, link location and anchor text of your own choice and do it your way.

Always do sensible internal linking with relevant anchor text. Try to use your target keywords as an anchor text for internal linking.

41. Write Evergreen and Valuable Content for Users

People won’t link to your content unless they see it. You need to present your content in front of potential linkers. Here, you will need content marketing, social media and brand awareness for the publicity of your content.

Write evergreen articles – evergreen articles always works. You have an opportunity to promote your evergreen articles through manual outreach as well as there is a second chance of linking.

Offer content in multiple languages – Use hreflang tag if you have content in multiple languages. It will open the opportunity of getting links from non-English language sites.

Promote on Social media – share your content on all of your social media channels. Ask your friends and followers to reshare it and start discussions about it in various discussion forums.

Good readability and linkability – if your content is easily readable then it will make your users to stay longer on your website. The more they stay, the more they read and the more they will explore on your website to link and share.

42. Create a Blog for your Website

Create a blog for your website and share content relevant to your niche. Internally link your blog content to your website pages and attract more visitors and links to your blog and website pages. You can setup a blog on a sub-domain or in blog folder on your website.

The main advantage of having a blog on your website is that you can target multiple keywords which are not targeted on your website pages. Attract more and more links to your blog posts and pass the link juice from blog pages to the internal pages of the website through internal linking.

So are you still struggling with the following questions?

  • How to create high-quality backlinks?
  • What is the effective link building strategy?

Well, I am sure the above explained link building techniques will solve all the confusions in your mind and will help you to figure out the best link building strategy for your website.

Please let us know if you find any difficulty in planning link building strategy for your website. Feel free to comment in the below section if you have any suggestions or queries.

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  1. seo company in Cambridge

    January 21, 2014 at 7:24 AM

    thanks for sharing an awesome tricks!! i had already started using Social Media and Blog Commenting to build a quality links for my site.


  2. Anne-Marie Ronsen

    March 12, 2014 at 6:02 PM

    Very very nice article.

    We spend a lot of time thinking about links and backlinks in the exact same way. A lot of our effort is also on automating the checking process, storing the information in a database, and tracking the changes over time.

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Belajar SEO

    March 14, 2014 at 11:33 AM

    Thanks for share your brilliant ideas, I believe those are very helpful due to a few changes of Google algorithm.


  4. daily seo

    March 24, 2014 at 9:31 AM

    Really nice post, thanks for posting


  5. Tractify

    March 31, 2014 at 6:22 AM

    Point 1,2 and 5 (Good content, high quality info-graphics and Social Media Sharing) will be good options and personally I prefer to start SEO process as it will boost your brand in market then other steps can be followed. Thank you very much for nice article.


  6. indrajith

    March 31, 2014 at 6:36 AM

    Link building will be dead in the coming future, and will be a time of link earning.

    We will have to earn links. Google never tell to build links to promote website. Since link pointing to the website is a ranking factor, SEO industry is building links to manipulate the website results. Do you think Google like people to manipulate the search results? The ways which we used to built links over the years are marked as spam. Read more> Is SEO Dead


  7. Bhavuk Khandelwal

    March 31, 2014 at 6:48 AM

    Traditional link building ( spam techniques before penguin update ) will be dead in future, So you have to build high quality links smartly.


  8. Bhavuk Khandelwal

    April 12, 2014 at 10:05 AM

    Thanks for your comment, One thing i want to suggest you is that do commenting with your real name rather than using this "seo company in cambridge" like keywords, it comes under spamming and you may face some action from Google.


  9. Bhavuk Khandelwal

    April 12, 2014 at 10:06 AM

    Thank you so Much Anne


  10. Bhavuk Khandelwal

    April 12, 2014 at 10:12 AM

    Actually these are main techniques everyone is using these days, because they are reliable and easy to to and helps in improve rankings.


  11. Mithun Biswas

    April 13, 2014 at 10:21 PM

    I am confused yet actually. Really Link wheel does not work now!


  12. Bhavuk Khandelwal

    April 13, 2014 at 10:22 PM

    In most of the cases it doesn't work.


  13. Shaikh Zafar

    April 24, 2014 at 7:42 AM

    Answer Questions Online is a great technique to share relevant information and get quality backlink. Further i am trying to use “Refurbishing Infographics Tactic” let see how much it will help.


  14. nurul

    May 4, 2014 at 7:19 AM

    Thanks for your usefull informations.It helps me to raknging my website


  15. Vasil Bekyarov

    May 9, 2014 at 12:03 PM

    Thanks for the very useful article!


  16. mrjugnu

    May 19, 2014 at 5:59 AM

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable tips for link building.


  17. Bhavuk Khandelwal

    May 25, 2014 at 8:26 AM

    Thanks for reading this article


  18. Bhavuk Khandelwal

    May 25, 2014 at 8:26 AM

    I am glad it helped you 🙂


  19. Bhavuk Khandelwal

    May 25, 2014 at 8:28 AM

    Great……Infographics definately going to help you in getting back links


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    May 28, 2014 at 6:38 AM

    Thanks for sharing your views. Nowadays many online marketing company who is providing best services for their client. This search engine marketing firm offers all type of web consultancy services from web designing to content management.


  21. Sharmeen Ferdousi

    May 30, 2014 at 11:37 AM

    Bhavuk, thanks a ton! Your article really helped me finding some new ways of link building other than just blogs, forums and directories. I have already made a video, an infographic and signed up for that audio site as well 😉 Hope to get some good return as lately my site isn't ranking that well. Thanks a lot man, I must check out all your other posts.


  22. Bhavuk Khandelwal

    May 30, 2014 at 11:40 AM

    Hey Sharmeen, Thanks for Your wonderful response, I am really glad that you liked my article.
    Well, this is the time to build links smartly while keeping diversity in the link building techniques you are using.
    You can connect with us social profiles to share more thoughts and knowledge.


  23. Daniel

    July 19, 2014 at 4:18 AM

    Thanks for the tips. Drop My Link was a new resource for me.


  24. phifermosquitoscreens

    October 11, 2014 at 6:43 AM

    Thank you so much for the huge experienced information to us. Very helpful. As above folks said, It is better to start link building to increase visitor on my webpage instead of searching what is link building etc., etc., As well as i use Drop My Link website for creating blog comments post on several most favorable website links to create backlinks. Thank you for the post.


  25. seo in delhi

    October 11, 2014 at 6:46 AM

    Thanks for the very useful article!


  26. James Kockelbergh

    October 11, 2014 at 6:46 AM

    Really good article Bhavuk.

    You have given me a lot of ideas to think about over the next few weeks.



  27. Anonymous

    October 11, 2014 at 6:47 AM

    Nice Trick Bhavuk Khandelwal . Keep Update


  28. SEO training in chennai

    October 11, 2014 at 6:47 AM

    Thanks for sharing valuable tips on SEO. Your article is useful for newbie new to the world of digital marketing.


  29. Ashish Ajani

    October 11, 2014 at 6:47 AM

    You saved my time. I've applied most of the points you mentioned in this post but somehow I was not able to create a simple flow on how to go but your article made it easy for me. Thanks for sharing it does help me a lot. I like the #2 and #5 from the list.


  30. runBus

    October 11, 2014 at 6:50 AM

    Thanks for sharing valuable information about link building.

    Keep update again.


  31. Seobacklinksmoney

    October 11, 2014 at 7:06 AM

    You have collected some genuine and natural ways of link building which improve SEO of website.Blog commenting and Directory submission is the best way to get quality backlinks.Thanks for sharing these Effective tips


  32. Local 1 Page

    December 19, 2014 at 8:14 PM

    It is important to consider deep linking to internal pages of your website using your desired keywords, it is not a good practice to focus all your link building efforts to your homepage only but also to other relevant pages on your website. Deep linking also helps a very old page of a particular websites; it notifies the search engines of the pages and also makes them think the page is still relevant thereby increasing it ranks in the Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP). A good idea is to try to get a minimum of 5-15 links to every pages of your website and within a short period of time the inner pages of your website will begin to rank for various long tail keywords.


  33. Customer Care Numbers

    December 19, 2014 at 8:15 PM

    A great descriptive article.Thanks!for sharing.its really useful.


  34. Rutuparna

    December 19, 2014 at 8:15 PM

    A detailed post! I agree that writing informative posts helps a website to gain traffic but i think directory submissions have become extinct nowadays and no one prefers it as a link building activity.


  35. Jessica

    December 19, 2014 at 8:15 PM

    I really loved your essay
    thank you


  36. Seo Services in chennai

    July 28, 2015 at 7:33 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  37. Neha saraf

    September 1, 2015 at 7:52 PM

    Thanks for this info .


  38. adeem

    September 1, 2015 at 7:55 PM

    Yes Working in a ethical manner can fetch us good authority as well as good rankings too….I m not a SEO expert but learning few things from my experiences.….


  39. Rupa Sen

    November 6, 2015 at 7:58 PM

    Thanks for sharing such a informative information with us, Its really helpful for me.


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    hre someone to do iit for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to create my oown blog and woulld like to know where u got this from.


    • Bhavuk Khandelwal

      April 18, 2016 at 1:30 AM

      Hey, Thanks for your comment and time to read this article. This blog website is build on Hooray WordPress theme from Envato Market.


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    April 18, 2016 at 2:38 PM

    such a nice information about my search thanks for sharing


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    June 21, 2016 at 6:36 PM

    Excellent post. Thanks for sharing such a useful post.


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