Google giving High Authority Do-follow Back Links

What are Back Links? How to get Back Links for your website? What is its SEO importance? Back Links have always been the most important factor in Search Engine Optimization. SEO is Incomplete without building Back Links. The total number of back links to a page also decides the Google Page Rank of a particular page. It also can be made with firms providing Link Building Services.

There are two types of Back Links:-

Dofollow – where link juice is passed from the link provided to your website.

Nofollow – where link juice is not passed from the link provided to your website.
Total Back links to a website can be calculated with Backlinks checker & other SEO tools. We have used nodofollow add-on to determine which link is nofollow and which one is dofollow. Steps are Discussed Below :-

1. Always paste links in the links column provided with sharing option.

How to share link on Google+

2. Share your post and check with Nodofollow add-on

How to share link on Google+
Here NoDofollow add-on is used and here we can see that the link going back to this post in blue color is Dofollow link and the Link highlighted in pink is the Nofollow link pointing to the same website.

If you share any link on your profile with your friends and followers, and if your link is reshared by other users on their profile than you’ll get a do-follow link. For example here you can see the link I have shared on my profile, and it is giving back link to linked.

Re-sharing your posts helps in getting more back links for your website as well as for your Google+ profile. Which helps in improving your Author rank.

Here we are sharing the Google Webmaster Link to your site Images which is showing links coming from
Webmaster showing Back links from

Webmaster showing Back links from

Complete all your profile Information

Complete all the sections of your profile.  Include your website link in your about me introduction, It provides a link which passes value to your website. Provide your website name and URL in contributor section. Also provide website name in Links section in Google+. Providing complete details about yourself helps users to recognize you as a genuine person and it helps in increasing the number of circles.

Profile Section In Google+ Profile for Do-follow Links
Note : Previously these links were do-follow but now Google has made these Introduction links as No-follow from some time.

So the  conclusion is that when you paste link with the post text than link given to your website is Nofollow while pasting link in a link field column gives Dofollow Back Link.
There are so many other effective ways to Build links for your website & Blogs. We are sharing very interested article on Link Building for Blogs & Websites.

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  1. Hanung Bayu

    January 7, 2014 at 7:03 AM

    nice post, please come to my site thanks


  2. Matt

    March 7, 2014 at 9:30 AM

    That's an interesting distinction between dofollow and nofollow. I've been trying to figure out Google's master strategy with all of this. But right when I think I'm close, they go ahead and flip the script


  3. love singh

    March 10, 2014 at 2:29 PM

    very good post thanks you for sharing.


  4. Printster

    October 11, 2014 at 6:46 AM

    nice trick


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