Best Tricks to Grow Business Online using Content Marketing-Infographic

What is content marketing? 

Grow business with content marketing strategies

Providing relevant and useful content to users and engaging with them in a conversation to know and fulfill their needs helps in creating a brand image in users mind. In order to grow, Business should adopt content marketing strategies. 

SEO is all businesses are doing to improve website rankings as well as sales, But SEO is no more building quality links anymore, Google is changing their search algorithm regularly and quality content is the key to rank in search results now, So doing only old SEO techniques is not sufficient, Content Marketing is a very important marketing tool every webmaster is acquiring to improve search rankings as well as to increase sales. 

Creating a content marketing plan and implementing it is very important for any content marketing strategy. Here we are sharing an info-graphic describing things to pay attention while preparing content marketing strategy.

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Grow Your Business Online Using Content Marketing - Infographic

Points to keep in mind while creating a content marketing strategy

# Social Media Brand Pages

Setting up brand pages on social media websites is not enough to start content marketing through social media. Whether you have blogs, videos, images or anything, content is the most important thing on social networks. 

If you have a full-proof content plan and you are sharing fantastic useful content regularly for your users than it gives them something to talk about your brand and products and helps you to get more likes, shares, leads and followersIf you are sharing what user needs or what they are liking than you are on the right track and all your strategies will work for you. 

These days social sharing is one of the ranking factors. Having a brand logo and cover pages for social profiles really helps in increasing followers.

Hire a Social Media executive having knowledge of your business to manage all the activities regarding the content plans, sharing, engaging with users etc. is a good idea to boost your social media activities

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# YouTube Channel for Your Brand

Videos have always a great impact on users. Adding Meta Description and title to your videos is not enough. 

Produce lots of diverse content describing your services and products. Map your videos correctly with content on your website and provide a link in your video description to your website. 

Audience likes videos more than any blog or social media post so engage with your viewers and try to add more number of subscribers for your YouTube channel. 

Use YouTube ads for your brand and let your brand’s ad appears in YouTube videos. It drives both engagement and sharing on other social platforms. 

Hire Video making companies like Vimeo, to create mind blowing videos and social marketing for you. For detailed study about video content marketing. Here we are sharing in this image 

Top brand investment in video content marketing  through YouTube has increased very much.

Image Source : contentmarketinginstitute

# Adopt Tradition – Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the traditional and old marketing technique. Whenever a user sign-up for your news letter or any other services and leave their personal information than create an email group of your users.

Keep mailing them about the latest product launch, updates, services offers etc. Create a content calendar and send to all your users about your plans and schedule, it helps them to know about your strategy and type of things you gonna share with them in future.

# Manage a blog for your website

Many studies have revealed that companies having a blog have more number of leads and high search rankings. Blogs are a good way to market your content and to increase your leads. 

Tell your customers, followers and other target audience about your product, services and their benefits through social media updates, email marketing etc. It helps in increase traffic as well as provides quality back links to your website.

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# Submit Press Releases

Submit your press release to high PR websites, News papers, Niche publications etc. It helps your niche users to find you as a genuine business. Don’t submit in low PR sites as your site may got penalized by Google. 

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# Optimize your website for Mobile Devices

Make your site optimized for mobile as well desktop users. Android, I-pads are the top devices using internet so optimize your website for them to serve better to your customers. 

It is also one of the ranking factors and helps in ranking your site well in search results if you have a responsive design for mobile devices.

# Web Analytics

Use web analytics for your website to determine user behavior on your site. It helps you to understand how visitors are coming to your website, which content they are engaging more, where they are leaving your website, what they are liking and disliking. 

Visitors coming from mobile device or desktop devices, which section of your website performing well etc. There are many free tools like Google Analytics

# Start Website SEO

Search engine optimization is required to rank your website when user type any search query in search results. It helps you to increase your traffic, sales, ROI etc. SEO is also useful from the revenue point of view because if you site is ranking well in search results than visitors will come through organic traffic and you have to pay less in advertisements, which results in high profit. 
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Finally, I must say that the whole picture about SEO is changed and Content marketing is coming out as the new big SEO technique, So you should start experiments with this technique to make sure it works for you.

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