Best Tricks of Using Anchor Text for a Good Link Building Profile


Anchor texts have always played a good role in link building activities, But after Penguin update anchor texts are playing very important role in external link building. After penguin update, Using exact match anchor text for link building is not preferred because if you build lots of links with same anchor text than Google may consider those links as spam, and your website may be penalized under penguin update. 

A good link building profile is the one in which all the links are not built using one or two anchor text but they are divided among so many different anchor texts. Here we are sharing snapshot of even and uneven distribution of anchor texts. You may be interested in link building methods:

Bad Link Building Profile
bad link distribution among anchor texts
Bad Distribution of Anchor texts

Good Link Building Profile

Even Distribution of links among anchor texts
Even Distribution of  anchor texts

In Bad Link building profile, the anchor text distribution is uneven while in the good one, anchor text are distributed in a good way.

If you don’t want to get penalize from Google than keep your link profile good and evenly distributed, Build links without using exact match anchor text and try various forms of anchor text while building links. Here we are sharing some really good tips on how to use anchor texts for building links :

Use your website URL’s in different forms for building links, this is one of the best and safe method of building links. For ex. you can use 
techseoblog.blogspot.com, etc.

Don’t use high competition keywords as an anchor text for building links, rather than use normal keywords as an anchor text. You can use other words like visit here, click here, click for more, visit us etc. as an anchor text. Previously, webmasters were using only high qualiy keywords for link building, but after penguin, picture has changed and now, webmasters prefer these normal junk keywords for building links.

Don’t use exact match keywords while commenting on any blog, forum etc., it looks spammy. Use your name with some variations on different sites. For ex. you can use 
Bhavukkhandelwal, BhavukK. Khandelwalbhavuk, Bhavukkhan etc.

You can also use your Brand name as an anchor text while commenting on any blog, or giving any link in an article. For ex. you can use
Tech-Seo-Tricks, Techseotricks, Tech-Seo-Tricks Blog, Techseotricks blog, TechSeo Blog, Techseo-tricks blog etc.

Don’t stick to 3-4 keywords but use different keywords as an anchor text while building links with blog/website articles. It’ll help in increasing anchor text ratio.

Always use you complete name and your website/blog name in author bio while writing any Guest post for any website.

Conclusion :

First do a link analysis for your website and create a link profile for your website. Now remove all unnatural links using Google disavow tool and then you’ll get the latest anchor text distribution, Now start building links for those anchor texts which have a very low anchor text ratio as well as for new anchor texts also. Link Building is a steady process so keep building links and manage your link building profile time-to-time so that you can rank high in Google search results.

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