7 Killer Strategies to Build Back Links for New Websites & Blogs


Link Building is one of the most important factor for any website to rank high in the Search results. Number of links as well as qualities of links are considered to calculate overall Off-page score for a website. These are the most basic strategies and everyone can use these strategies to build links, no matter what industry you’re in.

Create a Blog

What is a Blog? How to start a Blog? Create Blog publishing about your product/services and provide content to your readers and customers. Creating content on a consistent basis not only build links Internally (from your blog to your website), But also provide Information to your customers and readers and attract visitors to your website naturally. Best blog sites are Blogger, WordPress etc., they provide free Blogger and Word press templates.
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Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Give internal links from your blog to your website. Publish content related to your Product/Services and provide Internal linking from your blog to your website using Exact Match Anchor text. It makes easier for Search engine crawlers to crawl all the pages of your website and keep regularly updating its database. 

Ask people you know for a link

It’s a Team Building Activity and about creating Public Relations. Contact your friends, relatives, employees, colleagues, business partners, clients or anyone else, and ask them to give a link to your website. Ask your blog followers if they have any blog, Then provide a link to your website.

Competitor Analysis

Analyze all your competitors and create a database of websites they’re getting links from, Sort out the useful one and try to build links for your website with them. Find all the factors, your competitors are doing well then you, then try to improve it.

Make your Content Social

People won’t link to your content until they see it. Post your content in Social Media and increase traffic to your website. Create profile/pages on social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and keep posting articles and links of your blog, website. The Post not only about your website and services but try to keep posting about other good services also.

Create RSS Feed

RSS Feed is a very good way to create links. For link building, it’s simple. There are sites out there that will scrape your content (stealing it without permission). When they do, make sure you get a link back by 1) including links to other pages on your site in your posts and 2) installing the RSS footer plugin for WordPress (adds a link to your blog after every post).

Build Relationships

This is the #1 link building strategy in the world. Get to know people! Build relationships with them, because it’ll come back to you in the form of links (that is if they’re the RIGHT people).

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